Three Easy Steps to Make Your ArtSite...

Step 1: Gather your images. You can provide photographs or slides (we scan for free), or if you already have images digitized you can send them via email. However you send make sure you also have a complete caption for each image, including title, size, medium, and price (if you like). For photographs you can place the caption on the back with a post-it note. For digitized images and slides, please number them and include a list that corresponds to your numbered images. You may have up to 25 images per gallery. 

Send images via snail mail to:, 808 Scotia Rd., Philadelphia, PA 19128
or via email to

Step 2: Send us a biography. We can also include a commentary page, reviews, acquisition procedures, or any other text information you like. You may also include a photo of the artist too if you would like. If you are in a hurry all we need to start is your name and some contact information. Any other text you can add at any time you like.

Step 3: Pick a domain name: Normally this is "" if it is available if not we will try, or, or many other combinations.

The is all we need to make your website. As soon as we have the images and domain we can post your site in a matter of days. We can then adjust to find the right background and add text, and you can start using your site whenever you wish.

Please see the ArtSites page to see everything your website includes.

You may pay with Credit Card or even your checking account using Paypal.
Just send us an email and we'll send you a link.
Prices are $500 down plus $25 for one gallery, $30 for 2 Galleries, $35 for 3 Galleries, etc...
808 Scotia Rd.
Philadelphia, PA 19128


We ask for a 1 year minimum commitment to help us cover the full cost of making your site.
You are welcome to leave at any time as long as your first year is paid for.