Serpentine Swimming Club Features an Aquatint By Francis Kelly

The Serpentine Lake, an aquatint by long-time Serpentine Swimming Club member and former club president Francis Kelly, is being featured on the clubís 2011 membership cards. Kelly is delighted with this accolade.

The club was founded in 1864, and Kelly, an American artist who came to Britain in the 1950s, joined in the early 1970s and became Club President from 1983-85. During  more than 60 years in Britain, Kelly has lived close to Hyde Park. His Bayswater studio is adjacent to Kensington Gardens and both locations have provided considerable inspiration for his etchings, aquatints and paintings. The Serpentine Lake aquatint is a limited edition printed in 1978 using a zinc plate. Among other etchings, aquatints and painting featuring the park include are Serpentine Arch (19x20), Evening Sun (16x20), March Hyde Park(20x26), Peter Pan (16x20), Romp(14X20), Serpentine Bridge(20x24) and Winter Day(13x15).

In the 1730ís the Serpentine Lake was created from 11 natural ponds formed by the River Westbourne following a request of Queen Caroline, wife of King George II.  And in 2012 Olympics will feature the Serpetin in both the 10k Open Water Marathon and starting leg of thebvTriathlon.

Further information about the Serpentine Swimming Club:
Membership is £20 per annum.

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