Artist Websites

Just $500 down and $25 a month with our special "sliding gallery"

An art site includes everything you need from your own custom domain name to the configuration and hosting of your site. For examples view sample sites of some of our artists below.

Our websites provide a unique and efficient way to showcase your art on the internet. The special sliding galleries allow viewers to click on thumbnails and view images without having to leave the page. It is a fun and exciting gallery site that allows your work stand for itself.


Just $500 for a .com website
plus $25 a month for hosting and maintenance.

What this includes:

  • You own domain name:
  • A website with a gallery of up to 25 Images
  • Separate pages for Biography/Resume, Announcements, Commentary, Reviews and Acquisition or any other text you need.
  • Links to email
  • Up to 2 hours of maintenance per year to update or change images and text.
  • Hypertext links to any other sites you might have work online
  • You don't even have to own a computer to get a site
  • extra image galleries of up to 25 images are just $5 a month.

Click here to order yours now!

***To secure your domain name and create your site we ask for a 1 year commitment. You may cancel your subscription at anytime after a year. Total then for the first year comes to $600 for a standard art site with one gallery. You own your images, content  and your domain name, but you may not use the CreativeArts copyrighted sliding gallery design.

A letter from one of our clients:

   "We have been extremely busy lately! Even though we have not sold artwork directly from our website, we have found the site to be a great help in navigating potential customers toward us without the expense generated from showing the work in person (gas, time, etc.). Those mildly interested can browse the site and admire or critique the work in the privacy of their own homes. When they've seen the work they can either delete and forget or forward the site address to others who may be interested. Or they may decide they want a portrait done and get in contact with us via e-mail. The site has been a wonderful enhancement to our existing business because it shows potential customers the caliber of our work."

Sandy Loy Hosse


No Answer Given15x15 Pastel
Val Rossman


Alphonse Lane

Alysa Bennett

Deborah Joys

Francis Kelly

Jeff Dion

Paint My Pet

Jim Murphy